I spoke to my friend Andrew today by way of facebook. It can’t be more direct communication than that because he lives in Ghana Africa and I live in America. So, we write on facebook. Andrew is young enough to be my son. He is a beautiful man in every way. A better son I could not have prayed for, but he has his own mother and father who call him ‘son’. He is also a son of God.

Recently, we had both experienced a big disappointment in the same week. Andrew has for a while been an awesome prayer warrior and he prays for my family and ministry all the time. Frankly, He is a rock for me personally and as a woman who functions naturally with emotions on high frequency, I need a safe place to vent often. Andrew is safe.


     When we were both saddened that same week…by the end of the week I contacted him still in my sadness and asked him what he was doing. 'Fasting he said for 40 days'…three left. When I’m done…God will allow me to speak and pray with confidence so that the prayer request will be answered. Now that is tight! 

It is also what I have come to recognize in others as bold, audacious faith. That act inspired me and became this blog, which I hope inspires you. What to know if his thought is biblical about that ‘God will answer all my prayer’ statement?

I found it in the Word in John 14: 13-14: “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”


    No matter what is happening, we can all react as deserving sons of God just like Andrew did. We can all exercise our faith instead of frustration. 

So this blog is all about them…faith walkers. They walk their talk and it is bold. They are everyday hero’s, common people with uncommon faith. The ordinary people who allow God to do the extraordinary through them.

Their stories are touching and they are true. They have all, like my brother Andrew decided that they would do anything for God. They often do, what ever He asks. Completely.

Is it easy to die to yourself and take up this cross?

No, it may be the hardest thing you ever do. However, once they are wrecked by the manifested power of the Holy Spirit doing these awesome things that can’t be done on one’s own…it becomes the only way they want to live. Neither pain, nor persecution or sacrifice will stop them in this faith walk journey. In my opinion, it is hard to watch them and what they go through. 

God says,…”do this and go there” so I did. Does God pay benefits? Does He provide a salary and a health plan? I don’t know. That is a topic for another blog.  But, what I want to leave you with here is that once these mere mortals turned the corner where faith becomes substance…the rest is doing the same thing one day at a time.

With God and this transparent bold, audacious faith.